Welcome to Chatter and Verse, formerly biblecomix.com.  Why Bible Comics?  That’s what this blog was started to explain. Over the course of the next indeterminate period of time, I and my compadres will attempt, through word and picture, to give witness to the Living Word of Jesus Christ.  Just kidding.  The purpose of this blog is to explore in sometimes excruciating detail the life of Jesus Christ, Vampire Hunter/Zombie Killer/Kung Fu Master/King/Vagabond.

We’ll get to all that.  First things first.  The larger aim of this blog is to document the creation and evolution of a comic concept driven not just by an artistic vision, but by broader theological questions, explorations of the theory of what constitutes legitimate monster fiction, conversations about the nature of Jesus and monsters in our world, debunking creationism while at the same time honoring it as totally cool, and reverse engineering Jesus using a not necessarily representative sampling of all the heroes endowed with Messianic qualities, among many, many other things.

The genesis of this concept is a thought experiment I’ve considered for quite sometime.  If the followers of Jesus seek salvation by drinking his blood and eating his flesh, and vampires and zombies infect by drinking the blood and eating the flesh of their victims, respectively, what would happen if a vampire and/or zombie were to drink and/or eat of the blood and/or flesh of Jesus?  The thought experiment has been around for sometime, but, as far as rudimentary googling has the capacity to reveal, it hasn’t really been fleshed out (please, pardon the pun). The fact that it has not been fleshed out (an assertion in which I am tentatively confident, based on the aforementioned Google search) and that it has not become a familiar trope of popular monster fiction (a fact of which I am virtually certain) renders the implications of this experiment all the more exciting.

I find this so exciting because this idea sets up a profoundly beautiful symmetry between the savior of humanity and some of our most feared monster creations.  Not to wax melodramatic, but this symmetry actually humbles me.  I think the fact that zombies, vampires, and the Jesus were all conceived (immaculately or otherwise, and yes, as an erstwhile Catholic, I am well aware that it was mother Mary who was conceived immaculately, that is, without original sin, another key element that will be addressed in some detail by the comic and this blog) independently of the other, but the method of damnation, as it were, of the first two, taken as a whole, represents a perfect juxtaposition of the means of salvation offered by the third is a testament to how deeply influenced we are by Christian theology.  The fact that this juxtaposition is not widely recognized demonstrates how little we acknowledge how deeply weird and, frankly, creepy, our relationship to Jesus is.

Why change?  To appeal to more people and be socially acceptable.