How many of you knew I was watching Melissa and Joey?

I bet a few people suspected. I have always had a complicated relationship with Melissa Joan Hart, and I’ve continued that complicated relationship with the dawn of the Who’s the Boss knock-off, Melissa (Hart) and Joey (Lawrence). It doesn’t have Ferguson, it doesn’t have hubcaps on the wall (see below, [also, that link leads to an awesomely banal tale of randomness] for hub caps only, not for midriff), there’s no Alyssa Milano, and it sure as hell doesn’t have “Whoa!” It is as devoid of genuine laughs as Clarissa Explains it All, which isn’t all bad. A really bad sitcom with familiar faces is sometimes all we have to get us through the day. (I think Andy Warhol said that) Hart has clearly had some rough years, which makes her more accessible, which makes her hotter, so, yeah, I still love the show.

Hub Caps, people.

I also wanted to point out that Seth McFarlane and Kevin Smith provided guest voices to the new ‘sode of Phineas and Ferb which debuted last Friday. I no longer think Dr. Detroit was inspired by Seamus Heaney, it was all Clerks. Kenneth from 30 Rock was also on. Not on IMDb, but heard on the ‘sode. Confirmed by a Kevin Smith tweet quoted on message board. Snoochie Boogies!

I guess that guy at Downtown Disney spoke too soon! (or maybe we should have asked about Perry rather than Phineas and Ferb):

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