Killer Klowns are killer

I’m having something of an existential horror crisis, as I’m inundated with awesome scary movies on all sides and yet, I still watch a bunch of crappy movies.  Even in a year long horror fest, I guess you still have to have something to pass the time.  I watched Killer Klowns from Outer Space yesterday, which wasn’t by any means horrible and probably well worth watching for the fairly awesome 80s special effects done apparently on a shoestring.  If nothing else, the movie made me have somewhat more respect for Jeffrey Katzenberg, or, rather, his dream about Silly Hillbillies from Mars.  (which turned out not to be his dream, after all)  He was right about Gummi Bears, though.  I am also looking forward to Andrew Stanton’s John Carter of Mars, though I understand the books suck.  I will have the first one read before the movie comes out though.

Nonetheless, KKfOS was watchable 80s fluff.  Not scary, but also not enough skin.  I think I’ll watch Black Christmas this evening.

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