Finished Blood Sucking Fiends. Reading You Suck

I finished Blood Sucking Fiends, which, as I intimated before, is quite good, readable, though not as funny as Lamb, which is phenomenal.  BSF is the story of a young woman, Jody, living in San Francisco who gets turned into a vampire and must deal with the aftermath.  She finds another transplant, Tommy Flood, fresh off the turnip truck from Indiana, and shacks up with him mostly because he works nights and can be her Renfield during the day.  All she has to do is boink him not infrequently.  (Yes, I used boink. Get over it.)  One thing leads to another, there’s a confrontation with the alpha vampire, broad ethnic and sexual orientation jokes are made, and easy peasy, maple treesy, Tommy is a vampire and the alpha vampire is sealed in bronze.  I suppose San Francisco was chosen as the epicenter of blood borne illnesses, and it works fine.  SF is one of the few cities that is always a character in whatever story in which it appears.

While I’m puzzling over the vampire comedy, the thing it got me thinking about was the original Bible Comix.  For what reason, I know not.  Lamb destroyed much of the story I had planned for Bible Comix, in the sense that nearly everything I had sketched out happened in Lamb.  However, the few things that did not happen in Lamb (ie, Jesus’ vs the mummies and the visit to the library at Alexandria) and one of the things that did happen (kung fu) can still show up in Bible Comix as flashbacks and what not.  So I’m working on it, again.

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