Driving around listening to Car Talk omnibus

JT and I spent the morning after breakfast (about which I’ll blog in a few minutes, along with a corresponding awesome discovery) driving around the Greater Cincinnati Metropolitan area taking pictures of cool stuff with some resonance.

First, we drove down Mainstrasse, where I was super pleased to see the very visible displays of support for tolerance and acceptance of the GLBT community which has recently been in the national news for a string of attacks over the last several months.  The most recent involved a family member of one of my best good friends.  As with most things driven by hate, these attacks appear to have backfired, as Covington is a pretty diverse and tolerant place.  We have an openly gay City Commissioner, and are one of the few cities in Kentucky with a human rights ordinance.  Already Covington is getting attention for its robust response.  Pictures below.

On a somewhat related note, we also saw a couple of the Shepard Fairey murals, one of which was taken down in Covington, but another one of which dons the side of the Toyota Collision Center about a block from my apartment.  I thought I had a picture of that one, but I don’t. Maybe I put it up earlier.  At any rate, I don’t feel bad about taking pictures, as that’s a Shep Fairey thing, and the docents at the Contemporary Arts Center have gone all Gestapo on taking pictures.  Art wants to be photographed!

All in all, a great morning.

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