Policy shmolicy

As my long time readers know, it is my policy not to swipe things from BoingBoing.net.  While that is true, I can’t pass up the counter protest of San Diego Comic Con attendees and cosplayers against a group of hateful attention whores (I’m trademarking that.  I refuse to type the name by which they call themselves.  They get no attention from me.  None.)  This occurs at the nexus of all of my interests.  (I didn’t see any vampires or zombies, but there are many comics about both.)  The attention whores held up signs attributing their hate for certain groups to a higher power, who will also remain unnamed.  What is not clear is why this group would bring their hate to Comic-Con.  Perhaps they are protesting man and pillow marriages (don’t tell me that guy didn’t do it for the attention), or perhaps, as attention whores, they thought this would bring them much attention.  Well, as stated earlier, I only seek to bring attention to the counter protesters.  Here’s a link to them.  Extra points for an an appearance by an eerily lifelike buddy Christ from perhaps the greatest BibleComix movie of all times, Dogma.  (pictured below)

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