Elyse Luray is hot, is she being censored?

As a dedicated fan of History Detectives on PBS and an unreconstructed cad, I’ve noticed two entirely unrelated things this season.

source: pbs.org/historydetectives

The first is that an inordinate number of cases have led to either museum donations or to discoveries of pieces that are clearly museum quality pieces. The most impressive artifact, to my mind, was the recent verification that a piece of wooden sculpture owned by a collector turned out to be part of a masthead sculpture of Andrew Jackson on the ship known as Old Ironsides (because British cannonballs seemed to bounce of her in the War of 1812). Due to some political disagreement, the masthead was vandalized and the portion of Jackson’s head above the mouth was purloined and the perpetrator absconded with it. The piece owned by this collector turned out to be the mouth, which was attached a metal bar that held the masthead firm against the ship. I mention this not least because Andrew Jackson has achieved some fame as a zombie, though not as much, surely, as Abe Lincoln has as a zombie hunter. I’m not even going to link to that tripe here. Anyhoo, that piece was awesome.

The second thing I noticed was that Elyse Luray, who is super smart which makes here mortal coil even more attractive, has really dressed down this season. Very few skirts, mostly dark clothes. This is opposed to her bright shiny wardrobe in previous seasons. (I’m amused, because, as I type Elyse Luray into google, it prefills “Elyse Luray is hot.”) What gives, PBS? To your left, (the computer’s right) is a picture of Elyse from what I’m sure is a previous season.

Below I have included a picture from the Andrew Jackson zombie comic. Give it some love by clicking on the link above! He’s obviously modeled on Jonah Hex.

Update: PBS responds!

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  • ron k. says:

    Hi Elyse, I watch the show on pbs and I love learning about the bits and pieces of forgoton history. I wish you would do ashow on old Indian Folklore that would be very interesting to watch.I really have to tell you that you are one of the most beautiful women that i have ever seen,your smile just lights up the assignments that you go on for all the different people you help out.Thanks for all the history.

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