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Stephen foster

I went to see the Cincinnati Pops Friday. It was a tribute to Stephen Foster. Thor song below pretty much brought the house down. It feels so contemporary like it could have been a Karen Carpenter or Burt Bacharach song. Have a listen.

Also, Dom Flemons of Carolina Chocolate Drops was there.

This is seriously egged up

Doll doctors are apparently a thing. I’m kind of shocked by how earnest this report is.

I also went to see this over the holidays

It’s called Striking 12, and I saw it in Newport. It’s a kind of mashup of Hans Christian Andersen’s The Little Match Girl and a story about contemporary NYE malaise and self loathing. I really liked the music and the lead guy reminded me of a dude I work with. There was a moment where it got dangerously meta, with the cast commenting about the roles each played. Did not want. This was the fault of the play and not the performers, though. The show only ran about an hour and 15 minutes, so the meta part seemed like filler.

It also taught me that the moral of the little match girl is that God’s an asshole.

Here’s a sample:

They missed one

Look at this compilation of “The Conan Pose” on book and movie covers. It is awesome.

Here’s one of my faves:


Best crowd sourced question on io9. Evar.

I normally hate when io9 asks questions of its readers, because it’s usually something like, “what’s the most under appreciated work in sci-fi,” or, “what fantasy do you hate watch?” Today, though, they asked, “What’s the best re telling of a story from the villain’s point of view?,” which gave me lots of fodder for research, since most of my ideas are about seeing a story in a different way. Lazarus isn’t technically a villain, but I am imagining him as a vampire.

It also introduced me to Twisted, a retelling of Aladdin with Jafar as the hero.

Also reminded me I have to read Paradise Lost. And Memnoch the Devil.