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Journey quest

I’m still trying to figure out what most fantasy comedies are missing that keeps them from being funny

Believe me

Looks like Cougar Club

meets Saved!

Who should play Star Lord’s father?

It should be someone with gravitas, a veteran of sci fi comedies (without being attached to a major space franchise. I’m looking at you Shatner and Frakes.), and who is a bit of a Peter Venkman. Bill Murray is on my list, but lower down after his pitch perfect cameo in that Zombie movie. (I don’t want to totally spoil it, if you haven’t seen it) Marvel is really good about not stunt casting, mostly limiting it to Stan Lee cameos. Quill’s father needs to make sense in the role just as much as Anthony Hopkins does as Thor’s father. His previous roles shouldn’t distract. I also kind of have the idea that the dad should be a if not the villain.

Here’s my preliminary list, from least desired to most:
Kevin Bacon/John Stamos (too meta)
Bill Murray
Val Kilmer
Kevin smith (this would take you right out of the picture)
Nic Cage (would be perfect, but problematic because of his role as a father in Kick ass)
Ron Perlman (problematic because of Pacific Rim)
Charlie Sheen (no, because Machete among other things)
Kevin Costner (I like this one, a lot)
Arnold Schwarzenegger (don’t think so)
Bruce Willis
Keanu Reeves (would be a great villain)
David Andrews (from Cherry 2000. This might be my favorite)
George Clooney

Fact is, most of the people I looked at have already been tapped to add nostalgia to current productions. Eric Stratton from animal House, Kurt Russell, Harrison ford, Russell Crowe, Matt Frewer (whom I’d love), everybody.

This happened a few blocks from my house.