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Neatorama arrives to the party-

3 years late.

Here’s my post from 2011. And here is neatorama’s from today. Hells yeah.
Turbo encabulator.

Swamp party

In college, my fraternity used to host a party called swamp party. (I hope it still does. It was fun as hell.) anyhoo, I used to have an idea to make a t-shirt with the creature from the black lagoon carrying the little mermaid out of the swamp. Unfortunately, no one had the art skills to do it. Or maybe no one shared my vision. I have periodically searched for a picture and did so earlier this week. I found the picture below. Then today, boingboing ran a story on the artist. Go me! (Edit: I had always intended Ariel to be, you know, alive)


Postmodern jukebox

I’m sure I’ve posted stuff from postmodern jukebox before, but I’m too lazy to search it out this morning. Anyhoo, I was watching an R&B cover of the Transformers theme song this morning and I thought, “I recognize that room. I pulled up my favorite video, and, though it was different singers, the room was the same. Then I saw a TED talk which kind of changed everything. Postmodern jukebox has a visionary behind it:

Songs that use the woo! Yeah sample

Here’s a link to a list.

Here are some vids: