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Kidnapped by Christ

Steel Panther

Not sure if I like them, but I’m glad they exist.

And my favorite spoof of all time:

And, from the place I used to work:

My buddy survived.

He got cut on, though


emergency room s don’t save NOBODY. They always pop you at midnight when all they got on duty is a Chinese intern with a spoon.

This is Doctor Strange


That is all

Best thing evar

This should be a tv series

Cellophane hogwash

Would be great name for a band.

Consider me converted

Also this:

The Last Norwegian Troll

I love finding shorts starring cool actors. Max Von Sydow is one of my favorite at actors.

Последний норвежский тролль (The Last Norwegian Troll) —

My dvr thinks Foodfight is

This movie, about cousins in love:

Nightmare fuel