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Money is material

Saw this awesome piece on CBS Sunday morning:

Once again, Grant Wood is the cultural common denominator:



Jodorowsky’s Dune

I have semi-followed Jodorowsky’s Dune for a long, long time. Not as long as the movie hasn’t been made, but a long time, ne’ertheless. I got to see it see it in all its glory last night, and I was not disappoint. This documentary has everything: crazy concept art, fascinating anecdotes about famous people, a mind opening coda which reveals just how influential this unmade movie was, and, most of all, a charismatic cult leader whose enthusiasm is infectious. When I walked out of this picture, I felt like I had a new perspective on life, primarily due to Jodorowsky’s crazy obsessiveness.
I could go into a lengthy (or even brief) plot outline, but it’s not necessary. Just watch the trailer below and know that it serves as a great encapsulation of the movie’s fabulous realities. (The stories of serendipity in the preproduction do often play like fables. Like a tale where the hero must solve a series of riddles to find the macguffin.) In the end, I’m only a little sad it didn’t get made. I’m happy the documentary did, though.

What a deal

So many jokes about the short bus and/or squealing like a pig. At any rate, this happened on my amazon local email:


I was going to say God

Until I found out no salary.
God gets something like 10%

Eating the internet

Give Fox whatever they want, Disney. Make this happen:


This looks like an awesome game to get you off your butt.

Kumiko the treasure hunter

The chick from Pacific Rim might be in the film below. At any rate, it rocks out.

Wizard world louisville

Where I got my Archer air brushed t-shirt and saw Matt Smith.

Stay till the end for Plastic Woman

This is called laser fart

Cobra Commander from the community GI Joe episode is in this thing.

I scoop io9

Here’s io9 today

Here’s me on March 24th. .

Checkmate, atheists.