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Louisville comic-con

This weekend started off great, took a turn downhill, then elevated to a sustained plateau for all of Saturday.

Let me splain.

Friday, I got my front tooth fixed. It wasn’t horrible, but, following a tragic basketball related injury which resulted in a crown on two front teeth and the replacement of another cap, the two did not match. The new cap was recessed and, like a Don Rickles joke, it was a little off color.

Modern dentistry is truly space age, as the rebuilding of the tooth was quick, painless, and involved ultraviolet curing of the resin. I am very happy with the result and I have to say my dentist is an artist.

Friday night, I watched the Louisville game. 39 minutes and 20 seconds of awesome, then shit.

On Saturday, I went to Louisville comic con, where I fulfilled a years long dream of owning an airbrushed t-shirt. Pic below. I also bought some awesome posters and saw some pretty phenomenal cosplay. I caught a surreptitious glimpse of Matt Smith and Sean Astin, in the bargain. We also witnessed the cognitive dissonance of seeing a guy in a pretty faithful Scarecrow costume looking at pocket knives. I’ve got a couple commissions in mind and will be filling you in on those going forward., in addition to cosplay pics.

The afternoon concluded with a visit to Taco Punk, a hipster Chipotle, if you can imagine.


Omg, rza and that dead guy

Looking for films with Paddy Considine

I found this. Also directed by Richard Ayoade. Should be fantabulasticous.
Like Terry Gilliam on Valium.

Covington has arrived

I’ve read about tiny libraries for a while, first on boinboing, I think. On the way home this afternoon, I saw one right there in Mutter Gottes.



Im in love with the Christian/genre mashup renaissance

Rick Santorum has a new movie out called the Redemption of Henry Meyers. It is a work of art reminiscent of that artist who smears elephant dung on things.

This is not a political blog

However, it is a biblically comic blog (not to be confused with Triumph, the insult comic dog). I concern myself with the imagery of the bible and all that it entails. For example, I see Jesus bringing clay pigeons to life in the gospel of Thomas and think, “wouldn’t a young carpenter god want to take a different path from dear old dad (who already formed life from clay) and carve them from his chosen media?” (The wood next time?) anyway, here’s a diary from DailyKos challenging the mainstream Christian view that life begins at conception. Read it or don’t. I’m mainly putting it here for safe keeping.

Of course not. (Non existence implies non death)

Holy Shiite, this looks awesome

It’s a movie based on the Chick Tract about how D&D is satanic.

Thanks to Stuff Fundies Like and ratheism.

UPDATE: Cory Doctorow at boingboing posted the original Chick Tract. I think he must read BibleComix


I’ve always thought that Meltzer guy was off his rocker. This proves it. Doesn’t dismiss out of hand that supernatural forces might be at play in that Malaysian jet. Because Bermuda Triangle. And God? Maybe? Just FYI, unexplained things are much rarer in the age of empiricism.

Like My Name is Earl

But sucky. With Stephen Fry, Tyler Labine, and Rupert Grint, what could go wrong? A lot, apparently. Unaired pilot below: