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Blade Runner on Laser Disc

Reading the second volume of Matt Fraction’s and David Aja’s Hawkeye, I was struck that Hawkeye owns Blade Runner on laserdisc. I have a friend, George, who also owns it. The art is pretty dead on. Pics below:



And the best thing about Worlds End…

Is the vast amount of detail in everything else. From imdb, here are 24 things that we learn in the commentary track. Things like the aliens are all dressed in blue and green, or they always walk in the same order, OSGAP. Oliver, Steven, Gary, Andy, Peter. There are so many other things, I don’t even know where to begin. It’s a wonderful movie. Go see it.

More World ‘s End

My list of ten things that make Worlds End a great movie, continued:

4. Absalom, Absalom the whole of the movie is told in the prologue, just like in Faulkner’s tome. A gimmick? Perhaps, but a pretty cool and effective one, at that.

3. Paddy Considine- dare I say this is a star making performance? I dare, I dare. His delivery of the the line, “that would be funny, if it wasn’t true,” almost makes me cry with its matter of fact earnestness. His whole performance is brilliant.

2. role reversal in the first two Edgar WrightSsimon Pegg-Nick Frost collaborations, Simon Pegg was the functional one and Nick Frost was the arrested development man-child. While this movie eventually gives in to the pressure of how fun Frost is, Simon Pegg is absolutely mesmerizing as the narcissistic, grandeur-delusion-having, stuck in the 90s, loser. He is never anything short of convincing, and quite a bit more unnerving than either of Frost’s previous portrayals. Frost’s straight man is quite a bit less fun than Pegg’s hyper competent Bobby in Hot Fuzz, too.

Worlds End (cont)

So, I missed two nights, sue me. I have a life. Let me get on with it, shall you? Did I mention these are in no particular order?

7. Doctor Who I have another fan that Pierce Brosnan plays John Hurt’s Doctor, who (spoilers ahead, like, immediately) has already been disposed of prior to the beginning of the film. This means the Doctor is no longer around to protect earth. Just the thought of this makes me want to watch it again.

6. massive wide ons Apparently, this is an Australian term for female arousal. A bit crude, but this movie introduced, I’ve added it to my vocabulary, that settles it.

5. Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy the ending is a clear homage to HGttG. The giant lamp (effed be him) is even voiced by Bill Nighy. I would be curious to hear Stephen Fry do the voice over for the lamp, but he was the voice of the Guide, not the aliens. Still, the icons are reminiscent of HG. This article totally nails everything about it.


I think of my blog as a kind of show and tell. As such, there’s lots to tell about from the six months I took off from writing. Still, it’s hard to not pick up right where I left off writing about things in the now.

Today I thought of something that’s kind of in the middle. I first saw World’s End last summer and I bought it the first day it was on bluray. I feel confident saying this is the Citizen Kane of Alien invasion movies. Below are my 10 reasons it’s in my top five all time movies. (And by far the best of the so called cornetto trilogy.)

10. fan theories I firmly believe this film takes place in the same universe as Stepford Wives. With that in mind, it casts the earlier precursor in a wholly different light.

9. one liners I think this movie has some of the best dialogue in any of the Cornetto trilogy components.

Sam: If you think I’m going to have sex with you in the ladies, you’re crazy!
Gary King: Why? The disabled’s is out of order.

This is the entire quote on imdb. However, the next exchange is even better:

Sam: (pause)Gary, what happened [to you]?
Gary: Maybe one of them put too many paper towels down the toilet. I mean we don’t know what they’re thinking, really, do we?
Sam: No, what happened to you?

So much of the great dialogue is not centered around the sci fi subject matter, but around the character relationships and history. It is a comedy and a sci fi movie, but not always together at the same time. This allows for the comedy to be funny and clever without being A scifi Scary Movie and the sci fi to be edgy and a bit scary without playing it up for yucks.

8. I’m olda friend of mine asked if it was like The Big Chill. I think she was thinking of a different movie, but it kind of is. These guys staring at 40 fighting the same old battles, having the same old resentments.

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This song trolls you on its own

The most unwanted song

Thought this was funny

I don’t understand all the Aquaman hate. Attribute it to this.


More great crack

I have been interested in James Corden since I saw Lesbian Vampire Killers, which I blogged about lovingly here. Then, on my trip to London last spring, I saw One Man, Two Guvnors, the titular character being a role James Cordon originated. Now, I’m well good obsessed with The Wrong Mans, a show dedicated to exploding the mistaken identity trope of movies like North by NorthWest. It basically takes every type of scenario where someone is mistaken for someone else and expands it to its most absurd. The plot is cool, but negligible, as a mild mannered county planning council bureaucrat is thrown into a series of escalating events involving him and James Cordon being mistaken for criminals, customs, murderers, spies, you name it. Watch the trailer below.

Omg omg

The Mandarin one off is leaked. It is awesome! 13 minutes, this is the whole thing!

No superheroes, but screen cap below: