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More separated at birth

Leisure suit Larry and the pathetic fallacy from fables.



I hope I don’t get raptured befor this is released

Snowing Dead

Both these photos are in Atlanta:



My ideas swiped again

I just read a clickbait post on what about Tron that sounds suspiciously similar to a post I made two or so years ago. Titled “5 Deeper Ways of Looking at Tron,” here’s a snippet from #1:

The fifth and final way that Tron can be looked at is to view Kevin Flynn as a Christ-like figure…In Tron, the programs are the ordinary people, and they view their users as God-like, to be looked up to, worshipped and relied on for guidance. As a human being transported into the mainframe via magical laser beam/proverbial rabbit hole, Kevin Flynn is a user in a program’s world…
There are several Christ-like examples which Flynn’s character portrays. He can bring life to those who are dying; in Ram he brings back a fleeting glimpse of life after the program had been hit by a tank shell; and Yori he brings from the edge after all hope seems lost.
As a user he has powers which seem miraculous to the programs, he constructs a broken Recognizer with the power of his hands and stops Sark’s craft being de-rezzed. As the creator of the video game programs including the light cycles, recognizers, tanks, battle discs and arenas, he is essentially God. Jeff Bridges can place God of Light Cycles above The Dude on his CV.
Like Christ, he dies so that the programs may live. Though his death is ambiguously represented as he is merely beamed back to the ‘real world’, it is still apparent that his loss of life was the mainframe’s gain.

Here’s my take from 2010:

Tron is a retelling of the Christ story. It’s an allegory.
I love this, mostly because I don’t think many people grasp it. (reading through the comments in the linked piece, I think exactly zero people mentioned this) In the computer world, the rebel programs talk about their users as their creators. The minions of the MCP ( Roman empire) refer to these programs as religious fanatics. The programs are made to fight gladiatorial games for the amusement of the emperor. Flynn is almost literally Christ. He is a user who is made into a program. He is baptized in the river (a stretch) by Ram (John the Baptist) who then dies in his arms. Flynn performs miracles like getting the recognizer to work and diverting the beam of energy with his hand. He then sacrifices himself to free the programs. (in the Bible, from sin, here, from MCP.) The genius of it is that we don’t think of the sacrifice from the prospective of the programs. We think of it as if we all were gods, which, in the world of Tron, we are.

I knew the stuff about Oz, but apparently didn’t write it down. Anyway, you’re welcome, whatculture.

I still want a Tron Crucifix


Source, from Nov 2010. (Mine was from Dec of that year.)

Richard Sherman

Geez, this made me cry. They either don’t know, don’t show, or don’t care. Fuck the media.

Richard Sherman on MSNBC


I found out about I Give it a Year after watching the Simon Pegg/Edgar Wright commentary to Shaun of the Dead. They talked about Rafe Spall being very funny and losing weight. (He’s the jerk who works at the electronics store. I think of him as the meat pie guy.) anyhoo, I looked up the Rafe on Imdb and discovered IGiaY. It had me after the scene below.

Stellar Scout Squad! Go!

Stellar Scout Squad!

I met the creator, writer, and artist of Stellar Scout Squad this afternoon. As I understand it, it will explore gender roles in manga and anime, primarily through role reversals. I’m looking forward to swell Twelfth Night style antics. It puts my Inigo Montoya-esque approach to my comic to shame.


The Brass Teapot

First off, let me say that I loved the heck out of this movie. It’s not the funniest horror comedy, and the progression of raising the level of violence doesn’t always make sense, but the conceit of the teapot that gives money in exchange for pain inflicted is fully realized. In this regard, the movie reminds me of Liar Liar, which is still one of my best movie going experiences. This film also reminded of Drag Me to Hell, though there’s no final twist where the principals get their just deserves. I could describe the plot more fully, but the trailer does that pretty well. Also, Juno Temple is super hot. Now showing on Netflix. Check it out.

Sarah Silverman has a vision

Jesus is a righteous dude. The sportos, the motorheads, geeks, sluts, bloods, wastoids, dweebies, dickheads – they all adore him.

Time to write again

I noticed something this morning that inspired me to break my silence. I have enough thoughts saved up to last a while, so, hopefully, I’m back!

Here’s my realization: dr facilier from Princess an the frog and Skinner from Ratatouille are separated at birth.