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Not much of a mashup

They’re basically the same song. Same chord changes, at least.


While in London, I heard a really great busking duo with an accordion and a guy on drums outside the Tate Modern and overlooking the Thames. They played and sang a couple Gogol Bordello covers, followed by a really great song I couldn’t place. I did make a video recording of it, though, with the visual being the sidewalk. I scoured every Gogol Bordello song and googled all snippets of lyrics I could makeout. No luck.

I posted the video to YouTube and then told the story on Reddit’s Tip of my Tongue. (I’ve also included it below) about a week later someone replied with the answer. I rather think the busker’s version is better. Hear for yourself:

I rather think it must have been a big song, the way all those hot chicks were singing along.

Photos from the set of Misfits




Nathan from Misfits is in this

Though the trailer don’t show it and the ceiling can’t hold us.