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Guided tour video from Disney Studios Animation

Back to Neverland. Robin Williams. Walter Cronkite. A blast from the past.


This post is real apropo of nothing other than, in the deluge of new books I am reading, I found time to open an old comixology download of Hack/Slash. Hack is basically a supernatural Dexter, a female Dylan Dog (which Jt really liked, btw). Anyway, Lauren Cohan, Maggie from Walking Dead, should play Hack in any film adaptation. She may be a trifle old, though. See for yourself:



Shillito’s elves

I went to see the Shillitos elves today at Newport on the Levee. There’s a pretty cool story behind their reemergence here. The to:dr of it is that, many years ago, when I was a child, the downtown Cincy Shillitos hosted Santa, which drew long lines. A series of vignettes depicting rambunctious elves lined the the queue. They fell into disrepair, an obsessive restored them, and they’re awesome once more. Pics below.






Augmented reality TARDIS

How is it bigger on the inside? I think either magic or camera tricks. Also possibly Narnia.

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Milk will go undelivered

This is a prophestic video about a future earth where Jesus has returned and milk delivery has ceased. It was half right?

Simpsons do Pulp Fiction

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Maysville is the birthplace of Bourbon whiskey


Also Old Pogue

Npr and Fruitcake: A Christmas Tradition

Every year, on NPR, we hear about Mama Stanberg’s Relish (for which I and Coolio have a fetish) at Thanksgiving. Every year at Christmas, we hear about fruitcake. Effin fruitcake. It’s more of a tradition to bust myths on fruitcake than to hate it. Both things are profoundly stupid. Here are some links to stories about how awesome fruitcake is.

NPR this year

Sunday Morning
CBS News

I’ve got more. I’ve got more!
Get a brain! Morans!

Yes, yes, eff Mexico

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The Raven

I watched The Raven with John Cusack last night. My biggest criticism is that I kept waiting for Cusack to raise a boombox playing “In Your Eyes.” I just never believed that this guy was broody Ed Poe. The plot was pulled from any serial killer movie and could have taken place today, even, though seeing a guy dressed up as Poe solving riddles wasn’t bad. That said, the plot was serviceable with a couple of minor twists.

When Poe gets poisoned at the end, I thought his red eyed craziness should have been the baseline for the movie. That would have been so much more believable. A striving alcoholic Trying to solve murders to save his betrothed who (this would be better, too) didn’t love him anymore. (do you love me? Quoth the raven, “nevermore.”)

It also would have been immeasurably better with Nic Cage as Poe. See for yourself: