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I could watch this all day

TIL Pooh and Tigger are voiced

By the same guy. Since 1987. I have a feeling I knew this before, because I kind of know that Jim Cummings was the voice of the cupcake in Cabin Boy. However, this YouTube below has the loveliest little anecdote about Sterling Holloway about 3 minutes in. Sterling Holloway’s voice was, apparently Pooh Bear. Oh how I wish he’d made a porno.

In the bag

Used to watch this video all the time as a child.

My favorite ornament

My little brother made this ornament when he was in grade school. It was a cookie. The oven was not nice to it.



In the seemingly never-ending wurst to find good horror comedies, I watched Otis this evening. As much about our cultural obsession with murdered white girls as about horror or comedy or a pizza delivery guy who lives out his fantasies by kidnaping pretty high school coeds, it treads much of the same ground as To Die For. (I haven’t seen that movie in oh so long and I need to see it again) this movie is long on pitch black humor, and it’s not just the torture scenes that are funny. The FBI profiler is a pompous ass, Otis, the pizza delivery guy is pathetically (and occasionally hysterically) creepy, and the kidnaped girls family is refreshingly dysfunctional. (about the family, Daniel Stern is the father, in an inspired bit of casting ala Home Alone, Jared Kusnitz from Dance of the Dead grounds the movie, and the chick who plays Aerosmith’s agent on Rock-nRoller Coaster at Disney’s Hollywood Studios is the mom. I kept expecting her to call for a super stretch. In the end, she’s the craziest in a crazy family)

The film is full of little details that add chuckles here and there, like Otis’s white, reebok trainers he wears with his tuxedo or the green screen behind the Tv news anchor.

All in all, a worthy addition to the list of horror comedies.

In honor of my Santa Beard, I may post pictures latas…

until then, here’s an awesome story about the drama of real, bearded Santas. (starts 20 minutes in)

By the transitive property…

I’m fairly certain Jack Sparrow is Abraham Lincoln

Illustrative anecdote

The pictures below are from a card I found in my car’s door window this afternoon. You can see there’s a story that demonstrates why there’s only one way to be saved. I made up a story, also.

There was a king who had a very large, very precious jewel. He had a number of sons, each of whom wanted the stone, but he knew if he gave to a single son, the others would gang up and kill the son with the gemstone. He finally decided to have the greatest jeweler in the kingdom cut the stone into equal parts to give to each of his sons, which he did.

The point of that story is that, like religion, it was made up by a man.



American Gothic on snl

Snl Had another great sketch based on history, in the vein of Kelsey Grammer trying to explain that a league is a measure of distance, not depth in a parody of 20000 Leagues Under the Sea of Kevin Spacey’s Marquis de Sarc. This one showed Grant Wood’s sister Nan and his dentist, the models for American Gothic, a painting about staid midwesterners, hamming it up whilst posing. View it here, you sloppy swishers.

No prostitutes in the video. I love things that most people don’t get, like Jackson Pollack.

Chap hop

I can’t get this song out my head. Add -hop to anything and I’ll listen to it, I guess. Via some blog I read. “give three piece a chance.” indeed.