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Countess Dracula

I watched the Hammer Picture, Countess Dracula recently and was really taken with it. It is the story of an aged, widowed countess who discovers bathing in Young blood makes her take on the appearance of a much younger woman. Through trial and error (which entails learning that the blood of a dead effing hooker doesn’t work), she discovers it must be virgin blood. It even works for ugly virgins.

The thing that really struck me about this vampireless vampire movie was that it tells much the same tale of Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde, but transposed for women. For women the sane vs insane Dr. J an Hyde, is played out in old and busted vs. Young and virile. Its a telling commentary on societal expectations of men and women. There are also lots of boobies.

Welcome to the herd

Emily Tarver

Emily Tarver responded to my tweet today. I suppose life is shit from here on in. I love her commercial for Haverty’s. She channels Tyler Labine. She deserves to be a big star!


Not in Kansas supercut

French is a race


O face

Porn is bad. Mm Kay?

Someday I’ll put a good video about secretary on the youtubes

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New Tron trailer