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These things are alike

I’ve known for awhile that the end of Ghostbusters 2 and Elf are the same. I just realized that Old School, Billy Madison, and Back to School all have the same ending too.

Over the moon

For Deltron 3030:

Cabin in the Woods spoilers

Watching The end of Cabin in the Woods, the first thing that struck me was the christesque choice given to the stoner where he could sacrifice his life to appease the pagan gods so that humanity might continue to live. After arriving home, I immediately searched out “Christian” reviews of the movie to see if they had picked up on what I considered to be a christian allegory, albeit one where Christ didn’t die for our sins.

I was disappointed, I’m not at all surprised to say. Christianity seems to work mainly through the instruction of Jesus’ sacrifice and the inevitable damnation of the nonbeliever. You don’t often see Attempts to demonstrate the magnitude of His sacrifice by showing what would have happened had he not died on the cross, descended into Hell and so forth.

I’m not saying that Cabin in the woods is consciously asking the viewer to make such a comparison, but I think that interpretation is fairly obvious.

I think the problematic thing for Christianity is when you start digging into the layers of the comparison. Jesus’ death and resurrection start to seem very similar to the burnt offerings and other sacrifices that pagan religions made. However, jesus’ sacrifice was to a supposedly loving God and brought the promise of life after death rather than the hope that an angry god wouldn’t destroy the harvest. I must admit, I’ve never thought of Christ in this way, but it’s kind of difficult to unthink now.

The other disturbing thing is that the end result of CitW is frighteningly similar to the apocalyptic Christian vision of life after the rapture. The only marginal difference is that the heathens are spared the indignity of learning that their sincerely held nonbelief is wrong. (this belief seems to me perilously close to a temptation of God, which is a sin and why, I’m told, Christians don’t feel obligated to handle snakes. Everything else ends the same. The believers go to heaven, the pagans go to Hell and the earth is overrun by evil.

Something to think about.

Also, the cameo at the end would have been much better if it had been Gillian Anderson.

Combines the favorites of two of my favorite people



Tron Uprising

Sid Haig

I’ve gotten really interested in Sid Haig since Netflix put The Big Bird Cage on streaming. I will review it some day. He was really good in that movie as the lazy revolutionary who fakes being gay to seduce a guard at the prison. (it’s kind of a comedy) Anyway, I thought I’d put up a few trailers from upcoming movies starring, or more aptly, featuring Sid Haig. Without further Adieu:
Some horror, and one that looks like it was filmed in somebody’s garage.

Sid Haig is actually in the next two trailers

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WTF, Happy Hormone Cottage?

Eating tonight

At 9pm at Fresh Salt.

Ur doing it wrong

In NYC, the vajayjay is apparently right behind the belt buckle.


UPDATE: those jeans are pretty low slung, but I still think its a little high