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Mungo Jerry

Feels like summertime

U of L feels sorry for cats

Great article.

Pretty sure this is actual magic

Just like Kevin Smith’s dialogue.


I’ve always liked Brian K. Vaughan. I loved Y: The Last Man and Ex Machina. His new miniseries is called Saga and I just finished the first issue. I’m not hooked. There’s potential, though, I suppose. It seems like a lot of the characters are fairly arbitrary variations on the human form. Potential for abstraction. Its a space opera. I’ll keep you informed


Lost watching

This is effing Cinna

Shins sample Elvis Costello

Plus a bonus Beatles cover

Healthy frosty recipe

Cut a very ripe banana into small slices. Freeze for 2hours

Blend with a 1/4 cup almond milk and a teaspoon of nutella

Add milk if necessary.

Looks just like a frosty from Wendy’s. Tastes better.


What if Brittin is the one who’s dead?