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I want to loop this for several hours

I saw 10 hours of Gifford, poorly done though it was but I want this looped.

Awaiting a visit from leap day William!

Happy leap day everyone!


I’m teleporting to work


New girl

The worst thing about New Girl is the collective imagining that everybody is not hot for Zooey. Balls.

My little war horse

Mashup. Not real. Good voices, though.

The Blue Fugates

via Neatorama:

Methemoglobinemia is no joke. Caused by inbreeding, it makes your skin blue. Like a zombie. Do not despair, brothers of Delta Chapter, they are no relation.

Liveblogging prince’s hot chicken

Today my video referencing the episode of Justified where Raylan discusses Prince’s Hot Chicken with a convict got a takedown notice from Fox. Interestingly enough, Fox seems to have nothing to do with the show. The video was poor quality, was a transformative fair use, and had maybe a hundred views. I feel gratified that someone took the time to issue a takedown notice. It hardly seems worth the while.

Anyway, eff them, because I’m at Prince’s right now and getting ready to eat some of that hot, hot chicken.


I took a vacation day on March 9 so I can whet my appetite for John Carter with a Nic Cage movie.

More commercial insanity

Longtime readers will be familiar with my obsession with actors in commercials. Turns out the Sonic guys are back and want you to sign a petition or something. They could be in my sitcom about a house full of commercial actors.