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Snake Eyes is not just a GI Joe

It’s a kick ass Nic Cage movie, also. Brian Depalma directs. Nic Cage’s character is named Rick Santoro. (I know!) fabulous fabulous stuff.

Update: snake Eyes is the kind of ludicrous conspiracy flick that demonstrates why 9-11 truthers are so batshit insane. It was not an inside job. There are too many Nic Cage bad cops hit by pangs of conscience, too much incompetence and not enough evil or cynicism. The only successful conspiracy has to be one where everyone involved dies in its execution.

This is a truly great (and by great I mean crazy) movie

Separated at birth

Joe Egender an Giovanni Ribisi





Sherlock Holmes casts a long shadow over our mystery/detective obsessed culture. Nearly every detective is in some way an homage or response to Doyle’s invention. Most are not that great, with the actual Sherlock Holmes adaptations tending to lag far behind. I reallydidnt care for the green screen claustrophobia of the Downey/Law/Ritchey adaptation and didn’t bother to see the second. The primary mistake made by Sherlock Holmes adaptations is the perceived necessity that every crime be both intractable and epic. This leads to All manner of vast and grand conspiracies, which misunderstand the nature of the original stories. While there were a few conspiracies, such as the Sign of Four, many of the stories focused on banal petty crimes, especially the earlier stories. The Red Headed League? Sounds like a rocking secret society, right? It’s actually a fake business designed to keep a bank’s red headed neighbor out of the house while bank robbers dig a hole into the bank vault through the ginger’s basement. (woody Allen stole the basic plot for his movie, Small Time Crooks.)

I think it more than unstandable that it took me so long to start watching the BBC’s Sherlock with Benedict Cumberbatch (people poke fun, but Cumberbatch is apparently like Smith or Patel in the very real country of ubekibekistan) and Martin Freeman. It’s created by that Moffat guy, (steven, maybe?) who resurrected Doctor Who, so it cant be all bad.

The first episode was actually a pretty clever adaptation of Study in Scarlet, though I expect the Mormon hating might have been left out because it’s not cool to slag the Mormons for breaking up the Beatles or whatever. I didn’t really care for the replacement for anti Motmon bigotry, which was a cab driver who thinks he’s Vizzini. The second episode introduced the Chinese mafia and the giant conspiracy mentioned earlier. It was pretty much bollocks.

Still, Cumberbatch’s Holmes is kind of self aware, saying he’s a high functioning sociopath. The show is refreshingly funny, though it could use a dose of Bitty Shram.

You’re welcome, Nevin

You’re welcome

Best workout song evar.

100 beats

I found out during a workout a few days ago that “Praise you” remixes by Fatboy Slim works great to keep 100 strides a minute. Doesn’t pump me up like Eminems “Lose Yourself,” though, which also sometimes makes me cry.

Deja vu

Is Source Code a remake of Deja Vu? I’d never heard of this movie, even though it stars Val and Denzel. It’s about the military and time jumping.


I love that this clever ad is titled “Ahab.” the Car is white.

Grim grinning ghosts with pointy boobs

Saw this on Sunday Morning. Gautier (not hayride, as the iPhone continually wants it to say) designed Madonna’s pointy boobs and Chris Tucker’s outfit from Fifth Element.

Cedar Rapids

I am still trying to gather my thoughts regarding the Ed Helms vehicle, Cedar Rapids. I can say that it is strangely lacking in Grant Wood related story connections. The refreshing presence of Alia Shawkat is sullied by her Role as a hooker with a heart of gold.

I had some difficulty with how large the plane was that picked up Ed Helms from the small town airport. It was oddly large.

Alexander Payne was a producer and it felt like Alexander Payne a little bit. There’s a lot of E M Forster’s precept to ‘only connect.’ However, the smallness of the lives of these people are presented in a stilted, almost mean spirited way (the scavenger hunt is for a $45 gift certificate to a Japanese restaurant in a mall) that detracts from their ability to connect with the viewer.

I don’t know, watch it if u want.