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Troll hunter

Just so you know, JT and nearly everyone else thinks Troll Hunter is really cool. For Scandinavian horror flicks, I much prefer Dead Snow. I’m not a big fan of the Oren Peli-esque found footage style and it does not much for me here. There is zero character development outside the troll hunter and just not enough story. There are hints of good stuff, but the style is too limiting. More about the bureaucracy would have been good, fer instance.

Perhaps if the trolls said “disappear! Disappear!”

Tucker & Dale vs Kitsch

Just watched Tucker & Dale vs Evil. A sort of parody of The old movie trope where nubile college kids camping in the woods are stalked by hillbillies hungry for blood. Human blood. Said hillbillies are probably also sex perverts. In this case, the college kids are morons and douchebags and the hillbillies are sweethearts (one is Alan Tudyk who may have the sweetest disposition ever) trying to fix up Tucker’s vacation home in the mountains. The kids predictably mistake the friendly overtures of the hillbillies and end up killing themselves in their stupidity. It’s a concept that runs a very serious risk of descending into kitsch (I seem to remember the existence of lots of other movies with a similar concept, but none of those titles come to me at the moment. I’m thinking something to do with the Brady Bunch or the metric system) at virtually every turn, but seems to always resist that particular gravitational force. I’m not sure I can pinpoint exactly how they did it, but I think the keeping-it-real-ness of the film relied on strong, well known actors (including Cerie from 30 Rock) in the lead roles and the fact that bunches of people died pretty horrific deaths. Bravo. Bravo. Awards all around!

Miyazaki does bronte

Poster for an anime Wuthering Heights


Ripe for a chan wool park adaptation


Religious sightings

Of the year via buzzfeed.

No vampires here, but Apparently Jesus was Charlie manson:


I only maybe see a batman mask in these very close veins:


Advertising fail

I suppose the ad in this pic is meant to refer to the George Harrison song “my sweet lord,” but I generally think of my sweet warmth as a euphemism for a sacred bodily fluid. Sorry I ruined your ability to drink peppermint mocha.


Wrinkle Neck Mule

I saw the geico Texas commercial (embedded below) for the 12,475th time this evening and was struck, as I always am, by the song at the end. Reminds me of the Old 97s, which is high praise. Tonight, the christmas spigot inspired me to use a little google magic, and I soon discovered the song is by a group called the Wrinkle Neck Mules, which is apparently a derogatory term for a beast of burden with a wrinkly neck. the album doesn’t come out until March, so I’ll have to wait. The ad agency for Geico may have a time machine.

High hair should not be a punch line in today’s enlightened world.

Alec Baldwin

Is a words with friends dork. I was in the baffroom!

Mobile reader fail

Usual disclaimer about this not being a political blog. Perusing a huffpo piece about the biggest media fails of the year this morning (intentional grammar error for effect) and saw the picture below on my screen. I was puzzled fuck for several minutes as I parsed every possible meaning of the words in the headline. I even googled the headline. Finally I fuck googled the name of the newspaper along with fail and discovered that fuck said article contained an errant insertion of ‘fuck’ in the body of the article. There should be a disclaimer, “fail not pictured or described.”


I must give credit

Where it, the credit, is due. Hat tip to Cracked. They only talk about Samson. I’m just interested in Jesus. I must say these videos caused me either 1) to spiritually jizz my pants, 2) spiritually to jizz my pants, 3) to jizz my spiritual pants. By pants, i mean my research driven biblical mind and by jizz i mean a tingly sensation. (Oh Nathaniel, your words melt like butter in my brain)

I haven’t actually watched them, but the sheer idea of them is enough to get me off spiritually. Behold: Greatest Heroes and Legends from the Bible. (I’m fairly certain the qualification ‘from the Bible’ is superfluous. These are the greatest of all times. Even greater than the hulkster, all you little hulkamaniacs. I also resent the use of the term legends. The Bible is the word of God, it is without error. These things very clearly happened, though the dinosaurs are missing from these cartoons)

Abandoned dissertation

The impact of reality television on scripted tv. Lost was derived from Survivor, Glee from American Idol. The Office and Modern Family use confessionals. Something to think about.