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So was Christy MacNichol

I watched this movie on HBO like 50 times while my I was on vacation with my family and my dad started a new distribution warehouse in Houston, or, possibly, Dallas.  I think I like women who look like Christy MacNichol as a result.

Joe Isuzu was on Empty Nest

I’m also getting into Soap

Having discovered that the second Pirates of the Caribbean movie is essentially a remake of Empire Strikes Back, I’ve been taken by this piece on which posits that the greatest postmodern sitcom, Arrested Development, took a number of cues from the 70s postmodern sitcom, Soap.  Go read it, then reread my article, then email my article to Cracked, because it should totally be there.  No lie.  DO IT!

As a result, and also because I’m a huge Empty Nest (like an edgy Golden Girls) fan, I’m going back and watching Soap.

Is that Franklin?

Interzone is on the path

I’m slowly moving along the path of post apocalyptic film.  Today, it was Interzone, a 1987 Italian Mad Max rip off.  It’s didn’t have the sheer volume of weirdness of Cherry 2000 or She, so it’s not in the top tier of these sorts of movies, but it does have a bald Chinese monk named Panasonic, a hunchback whose hunch is explosive, and a scantily clad female body builder, so it’s not far off the weirdness pace.  (there is no dude dressed like Louis XIV in a Texas Rangers helmet)  Add to that atmospheric Italian ruins and a protagonist who looks dead on Bill Pullman in Spaceballs, and you’ve got a very watchable outing.

The plot is basically there is treasure in the Interzone and our hero has to help the monks protect it after he’s rescued the slave girl.  There are several moments of levity, and even though she’s kind of gross, you’re always pulling for a wardrobe malfunction for the female body builder.  Sadly, it never arrives.  This movie would have benefitted from some nudity, most definitely.


I say tricks are for kids, who’s with me, fellas!?

Drive Angry makes me happy

I personally believe that any critic mirthless enough to pan Drive Angry suffers from a severely impacted case of being at the age of not believing.  More than being a genre mish mash, (supernatural thriller/terminator/road movie/chase movie/revenge movie) it’s a throwback to the grindhouse exploitation films of the 1970s.  It’s not quite a super ironic Tarantino-esque homage that attempts to raise the genre to high art (which is not a bad thing) and it’s not quite an entirely earnest continuation, either (also not a bad thing).  It throws in elements from at least as many movies as any Tarantino work of meta film, including Soultaker and Ghostbusters 2 (also not a bad thing).

The story is about a formerly bad dude who escapes from Hell to rescue his granddaughter from a Satanic cult leader who plans to sacrifice her to unleash Hell on Earth (swiped from Ghostbusters 2).  He is befriended by a hot chick with a classic Charger and pursued by the accountant, played by David Fichtner in a dead pan performance worthy of an Oscar nomination (if they would only have some balls), and which is pinched from Terminator and Soultaker.  That’s pretty much the movie.

This sign splits in half to let the camera through

As io9 posits in a review with which I heartily agree, the 3D in this movie, far from being the usual annoyance, actually greatly enhances the film and brings many of the shots close to beauty.  I think I even caught a little reference to the scene in Citizen Kane where the sign splits in half to let the camera through (inset).  (I wasn’t able to find images of the corresponding shots from DA, but they are there, and they are, well, beautiful)  This film may even melt Roger Ebert’s cold cold heart.  He would have a hard time making the argument that Orson Welles wouldn’t have used 3D if it would have helped him draw the viewer in and tell the story the way this movie does.

My one beef with this movie is that the cult is Satanic.  It would have felt much more contemporary (and would have been more pertinent to Bible Comix) if, somehow, it was some sort of Westboro Baptist type cult.  One of the nicest touches in the whole film is when a cult member claims a pact with the Devil, the Accountant says, “Oh really, he’s never mentioned you.”  That comment about a Christian cult would have superceded amusing and become poignant.  But then, that would have made it a whole different movie and it’s not supposed to be all about Bible Comix, I suppose.  I’m sure I’ll get that itch scratched when Red State is released this fall, anyway.

Lots of nudity in this one, kids, and a purely awesome scene where Nic Cage smokes a stoagie, drinks Jim Beam, and shoots bad guys, all while in flagrante delicto.  Essential film viewing.

I get to the party before IO9, again

I was amused last evening (not by Drive Angry, not at this time. Review to follow. Spoiler: I loved it!) when I saw this post about She Wolves of the Wasteland on IO9. They make the connection between Y: The Last Man and SWotW, but neglect the fairly specific reference made by Y:TLM, vis a vis the gas mask worn by the last man in both works to hide the fact that he is, in fact, a man. (They even include a video with the dude in a mask, and don’t mention it.  I posted this value added tidbit way back on November 9th.  The post did inspire me to find an image of Yorick in his gas mask to mask the image from SWotW.  Compare the two below:

Yorickis the one in the mask

The io9 post does serve a purpose, as it singles out the tittilating NSFW parts in easily digestible videos.

The chick looks like Elliot from Scrubs.  Enjoy!

io9 beat me to America 3000, though, for which I will need to buy a vcr.  There’s another dude in a mask, here.  (also with boombox)

Ooh ooh ooh

I posted about forced perspective a while back and was thinking about a show I had seen with Darryl Hannah.  It still fascinates me, and, searching on forced perspective on youtube tonight, I found the video.  Ooh ooh ooh!

Awesome painting

This minimalist/Seussian art reminds me of a guy I went to college with who spent an afternoon and evening melting crayons over a candle placed in the mouth of a wine bottle.  Looking back, I think he may have been stoned.
(mom jeans at 50 seconds in)

Why does most meat tast like chicken?

The answer to this question has been going around the internets over the last week or so.  Turns out this is quite fortuitous as right before this meme, I put some squirrel I had gotten from a fraternity brother.  I boiled some of it, fried some like fried chicken, and put the rest into a roast.  It tastes very similar to really lean dark chicken meat.  There’s a lot of meat on the legs, and I think it could very plausibly be made into buffalo chicken style hot wings.  What would you call it?  Why hot squirrel wings, of course.  If the occasional hair doesn’t make you gag, I think you’ll love it.  Probably won’t be on the menu at Comfort Food, but it would be nice.  Pictured below is a roast with black eyed peas, carrots, and onions.

The roast meat just falls off the bone. (that's what she said)

Beatles = Dwight Yoakam

On the way home this evening, JT and I were listening to “I’ll Cry Instead,” which reminded me of Dwight Yoakam’s “It only hurts me when I cry.”  See what you think:

Only two days until Drive Angry! Three until my review!