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I googled Hipster Ghostbusters

This is what I got.  I think there’s actually a ghost in the picture in the background.  OMG, it’s another Three Men and a Baby ghost!

I searched “Hipster Roger Rabbit” and found this awesomeness:

Hipster lego:

Tomorrow, maybe I’ll put “zombie” in front of some proper nouns and you know, just see what happens. Maybe I won’t.

How to meet women in the 19-2000s

I saw this at my local Hobby Lobby, and immediately thought, “what a great way to meet women: A class where you learn to paint like Bob Ross!” Anyone who appreciates the kitsch, even ironically is a-ok in my book. I still haven’t gotten the nerve to sign up. I need a wingman. Who will be my Goose?

Love Connection?


Having been entirely enamored with She, I have been looking for other films that might scratch the itch of discovery.  On Sunday, I found Starcrash, a Star Wars knock off starring David Hasselhoff on my new favorite website.  (the summaries are way too long, though anything beyond a couple sentences bores me, I guess, but the screen caps and details of the naughty parts are nigh indispensable. )

It’s not available on Netflix yet, so imagine my surprise in seeing this on io9 this evening.  A bunch of deleted cheese.  (I’m also glad it’s a Roger Corman movie.  He really is the Kilgore Trout of movies.) I hope it will be on Netflix soon.  I’ll be first in line.  I’m just going to come out and say (type) what everyone is thinking, we need a dedicated midnight movie theatre in the Cincinnati area.

I also ordered the 1965 version of She today, as it is not on Netflix, which annoys me greatly, and means I have to own it. It’s got Peter Cushing (amazing in At the Earth’s Core, BTW) and Ursula Andress and was made by Hammer Studios.  From, it was $27, but less than 4 pounds on Even after shipping, it was still less than half price.  Awesome!  Trailer below.  No Frankenstein Robots, but still pretty great looking. I guess I could also watch on youtube. Silly me.

This cell is the real deal, like Billy Bob Thornton

I don’t have much to post this evening, as I’m working on a whole bunch of different media right now and am not finished with any of it. I hope to finish the first disc of Venture Bros. Season One tomorrow and Left Behind by the Weekend. May also finish At the Earth’s Core tomorrow, also.

Until then, please enjoy this picture of the cell JT and I made out of resin and beads.  (My brother Nevin was so impressed by it, he accused me of having worked from plans.  I assure you, this was solely seat-of-the-pants cell making.)  I am so impressed, I almost want to have kidney stones so I can suspend them in epoxy resin.  I’m constantly on the look out for things to suspend.

The cell, sans Jennifer Lopez

Frankenstein Robot scene from She

Still talking about She.  Here’s the most awesome fight scene, evah.

Antiques Roadshow does kitsch

I caught this ‘sode of Antiques Roadshow this evening in between attempting to recapture the serendipity of watching 1982’s She by watching 1974’s Zardoz and reading Left Behind. Inset is a fabulously kitschy elk antler chair, though it looks like it might be a manger to me.  A manger fit for a king surely!  I hereby proclaim that Jesus was laid in this manger.

Zardoz trailer is below.  It’s really bad.

I missed International Talk Like a Pirate Day again this year

These folks didn’t.  I had it in my phone for almost a year after I missed it last year.  A month or so ago, I got a new phone, and my enjoyment at the annoyment of my friends as I have license to talk like a pirate all day was missed, again.

A friend of mine was at the service you see below.  The whole service is basically online, but this is the real meat of the service, where ‘amen’ was replaced with ‘aye aye.’

(Parenthetically, this same friend, reader Dr. Falls, swears that in his nearly all white high school, the seniors, feeling particularly dedicated to social justice [not a political blog, Mr. Beck. Anyway, they were just high school seniors], decided to stage To Kill a Mockingbird.  However, with a dearth of African Americans and black face decidedly out of vogue, they changed the Tom Robinson character to Tom Rosenstein [or some such], the foreman at the local manufacturing plant, inserting a Jewish community for African American.  I still don’t fully believe this happened, but am hard pressed to imagine anything more offensive to virtually everyone on the planet)

Until footage of that is unearthed, enjoy a modern church service performed in middle pirate English (double click it to see the other videos from the service:

Awesome article on aging zombies

I was alerted to this awesome article in the Wall Street Journal about aging zombies from classic movies by reader George. (I haven’t read it, but I assume it’s awesome because it’s about, you know, zombies) as I’m planning a trip to see a human from a classic zombie movie, this seems apropo.


The internet rewards OCD.

And so do I.  Look at this awesome Atomic Robo costume.  Just look at it.  From JT’s favorite comic.

Vampire Lovers. Yes.

Original on which pic below is based

The photo on which the art below is based

I suppose there’s little doubt or argument that Hammer Horror’s Vampire Lovers is among the greatest vampire movies ever made.  Well, there’s probably considerable argument over that, but I can definitively say it’s among the best vampire movies I’ve seen, which, in the end, is really all that matters.  Narcissism aside, I think it would be safe to say it would be ranked high in any list of vampire movies with a female as the vampire, at any rate.

fan art.

Vampire Lovers is the story of an undead lesbian who loves (and bites) too much.  She continually falls in love with buxom young women, seducing them and returning night after night, eventually drinking their precious bodily fluid too deeply and rendering them dead.  Thankfully, Hammer chose to leave little to the imagination in the depiction of the physicality of the various seductions.  Put less diplomatically, there is a ton of boobs in this movie.

Believe it or not, though, the boobs weren’t the most important part of me loving this movie (ok, they were the most important part, but not the only part) .  I also found the frank display of feminine homosexuality daring for a mainstream movie released in 1970.  It received high praise at the time for this depiction, but the fact that punishment comes harshly and swiftly by an all  male vampire killing team is not lost on me.

Still, I think female vampires and their ability to exploit male sexual weakness (as the vampire Carmilla does a couple of times here) makes them inherently more dangerous than their male counterparts.

The movie is moody and atmospheric and offers a window into the changing views of female sexuality percolating at the time.  I’ll be writing more about this later, but the internal debate between rationalists (the ones who acknowledge science) and the vampire believers pretty closely tracks the debate between the “saved” and unsaved in Left Behind.  In the end, the superstitious in vampire movies are rewarded, just as in LB.  That’s interesting to me.

There is also a pretty direct line between this movie and Bitten, the Jason Mewes vehicle I liked so well.  In addition, the fan art site referenced above also has this wonderful portrayal of the Cush in Hammer’s Mummy.