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Futurama Rebirth overly erudite review

I had held off on watching Futurama: Rebirth until JT got home from summer camp (he said it was unlike Meatballs or Poison Ivy or Huge). Now that he’s back, let me throw some unqualified love on the show. I loved the Futurama rebirth! Not only was it a literal rebirth, the episode was rife with references to birth and rebirth. The stem cells that rebuilt and then birthed the main cast, Adam and eve references (the birth of man) (would that that snake could have been voiced by Sterling Holloway), the Leela under glass reference to Sleeping Beauty, the T2 references to the birth of cg robots, Star wars references, and the Zap Branigan B&W imagined televised radio plays which referred to the birth of television.

I don’t think it’s a stretch to think of it as a kind of Modern Times (you’ll recall that this Chaplin film was the first to feature voices, but only on speakers, telephones and tv within the film.).

There will be some growing pains afforded by stretching it’s legs into the more permissive environment of cable, but so far, I’m rightly impressed.


Another photo from the projector:

Avatar + projector + rifftrax = awesome (also monsters)

Everyone who knows me knows I am a huge Giovanni Ribisi fan, so my affinity for Avatar is not at all out of the ordinary. (seriously, though, I really liked Avatar as a proof of concept because the technology is front and center whereas Titanic, which I hated, put the story out front and the visuals were meant not to stand out.) he’s really second only to Pat Warburton.

I’m currently watching Avatar on insight on demand on the projector. I didn’t wait for the Bluray from Netflix because I discovered there is a rifftrax on it. For the uninitiated, rifftrax is the new (relatively speaking, I guess) project of the guys behind MST3K. JT is a huge fan and we’ve seen nearly every one on DVD. I think congress should pass a law that Avatar cannot be watched without the rifftrax. I’m very impressed. It’s quite funny and only had one Smurf joke.

It also looks awesome on the projector. (they just made a reference to North Haverbrook and Ogdenville) I’m trying to get JT to pause the Rifftrax so I can pause the dvr so I can take a picture so I can show my readers my chief form of compensation. (I can’t afford a Corvette) Is Jar jar Binks in this movie?
There needs to be a new land at Disneys Animal Kingdom: Avatarland (Or Pandora)

I had to agree to go to bed (early day tomorrow) to get the picture. JT is apoplectic about the desyncing of the rifftrax, but you don’t have to worry, I got my tiger. (tiger below) JT provides scale.

Can’t wait for this one

Looking over the Comixology site referred to in the previous post, I found this under what’s new for September:


A kung-fu action thriller set in the unforgiving Alaskan wilderness where an archeological dig uncovers a trove of 7,000 year old documents that describe a lost civilization of ancient Chinese that once thrived in North America and reveal a lost trove of centuries-old hidden martial arts knowledge. When an assassins guild attempts to steal this newfound power, the last living descendent of the original monks must reclaim his destiny, protect his people’s secrets and become the master of a thousand arts.

It seems to have a very Indiana Jones vibe mashed up with kung fu.  I think this could be a model for Indiana Jones 5, if it comes to be.

Also, I just watched a show on the History Channel last night about Who Really Discovered America?”  I’m not including a link, as the History Channel site only has the video for sale, no supporting documentation, and this topic tends to bring out a bunch of weirdos, each with his or her own crackpot theory.  There are some cool theories, too, but they tend to get swallowed up.  I think the realm of fantasy is definitely appropriate for this kind of speculation.

Chew is a good comic.

Recently, it seems like the Comixology Comics Reader App on my iPhone has been reading my mind.  Several of the comics that aren’t owned by my local library (which has a pretty stellar comics collection, BTW), have showed up to buy on Comixology.  It’s mostly older stuff that I had searched on Amazon and forewent as I wasn’t into paying an arm and a leg on the marketplace or at ebay.  Chew was not a comic I had searched at either Amazon or my library.  It did however, show up with a free preview and I bit.  No obligation, right?  Yeah, well, I’m on the fourth issue bought from the app, even though I found out after number 2 (make what jokes you like) that it was available at the library.  So I’m out 8 bucks to read this really addictive comic.

I had actually not been convinced by Cory Doctorow’s crowing about Chew.(apparently, according to google, the crowing was imagined.  If it were on BoingBoing, I can’t find it.  Score another one for me, cause Chew is a wonderful thing.)  I guess I had read about it somewhere else and the idea of a Cibopath, or someone who gets a psychic reading from everything he eats, a picture of who prepared it, where it was grown, in the case of meat, how it was slaughtered, etc, seemed like a one trick pony to me.

I was wrong.  I got hooked midway through the sample, and really wanted to know what happened next.  Turns out, this comic takes place in a not quite apocolyptic future where poultry has been outlawed due to pandemic bird flu.  Chickyn, an apparently nasty tofurkey-esque substitute has befouled the market, and chicken speakeasies have popped up all over and the FDA has replaced the FBI and CIA (BBC, BB King and Doris Day).  I won’t give it away, though I doubt any of my readers will pick it up, but there’s a little cannibalism and a wonderful symmetry provided by a quite attractive food critic whose descriptions elicit a physical sensation of taste in her readers.  And the anti government foodies are dressed as mimes.  It’s good stuff. Check it out, if you get the chance.

I’m working on The Authority, Planetary (I don’t think I like that one), Ex Machina, Y: Last man, and several others that are on hold at the library, but not yet ready.  Hopefully some great reviews over the next few weeks.  I also ordered Superman: Red Son and Wormwood.

Founding Fathers

I watched Hancock tonight, in my ongoing superhero kick.  I’m really trying to figure out the genre, but I haven’t seen the Dark Knight or the second and third Spiderman movies.  Also Superman returns.  Haven’t seen that.  After Hancock, I think I’ll regroup and pick some of the low hanging fruit before watching My Super Ex-girlfriend.  Spoilers below.  (I think a lot of reviewers would have noted my criticisms, but they didn’t want to spoil the “twist.”  Ala Witness for the Prosecution.

Hancock is a deeply flawed movie.  A lot of it really doesn’t make any logical sense, such as the problem of where has Hancock been for the last 80 years?  If he had always been a superhero, I think his myth would have been taught in 3rd grade history.  I also don’t really understand the whole idea of gods being drawn together and losing their powers when they are.  Someone can explain in the comments how, if they had lived like 3000 years, half the age of the earth, and had been a couple for many of those years, how they lived that long if living together sapped their powers.

All of that said, the concept is one that has potential.  It’s significantly different from The Incredibles and other post modern, flawed superhero fables.  At least one reviewer noted that this film wouldn’t shatter any African American stereotypes.  I thought that was an interesting observation, but I thought a lot about Dennis Rodman watching it.  Rodman once said his outrageous behavior was a rebellion against the expectations foisted on him by society and the NBA.  (I think he calls it de-domestication, and he has compared the expectations to slavery)  I would never read such a metaphor into such a flawed movie, but I do see parallels to Hancock’s self loathing.  (I’ve always thought Rodman a supremely sad individual)  I think it’s that one thing that makes this movie almost worth the hour and a half of my live I just spent on it.  (It’s kind of like the Tigger movie, I guess)

It’s not my iphone 4, but it is a iphone 4

It’s not before it came out, or anything, and I didn’t really get to test it out, but here’s me with a new iPhone:

Avatar people stormtrooper

This is some kind of awesome.  I got it before BoingBoing.  I have a complex, I know.  Still, “WIN!”

Sorry, this reminds me of the IT crowd

I didn’t know about this before, I found it researching a chick who flipped out giving an invocation at a Christian school graduation.  These guys look British. Why are they not British? Are they Australian?

BC/AD a Rock Opera

This is a 2004 offering from Matt Berry, he of the IT Crowd, (that’s my favorite episode, but I also want to see the US pilot that never aired. I can’t imagine how deliciously bad it might have been. This would be an awesome birthday gift from one of my family members in Ireland.  Remember, I am able to watch all region dvds) The Mighty Boosh, and Garth Marenghis Dark Place, the last of which I have from, but have yet to watch.  It’s called BC/AD, A Rock Opera, telling the Nativity story from the perspective of the put upon Inn Keeper, who essentially forced Jesus to be placed in a manger like food.

I can’t decide if it’s really good, or really really bad.  It seems like a reasonable send up of derivative works, like Lamb, I guess, that take existing stories and either add characters or retell the story from the perspective of a minor or added character in the story. I guess, also, Jesus Christ: Superstar.  Oh well, add that to the list of things to review.

I could have saved it, but I’ve had it in reserve for a long time, and have kept forgetting to post it.  That, apparently is what INRI, the movie, is good for.

Without further ado:

OMG, the 101st post is really awesome

I feel like John Edward when he gets a really good guess in about your dead loved one (That’s not a euphimism for banging Rielle Hunter, get your mind out of the gutter.  It’s talking about the Crossing Over guy who says he talks to dead people and always says something to the effect of, “Let my critics explain that away,” when he makes a really good guess.  My squestion is, aren’t the dead ever bitter? They always forgive and offer closure.) right about now.  This is my most original and inspired find of a mash up between religion and popular culture.  It’s also a testament to how thorough IMDB is, or perhaps, how adept, or shameless, some people are at self promotion.

In the course of researching movie connections in Three Kings, to verify that others saw a significant connection to TGtBatU, I clicked on The Man Who Would be King, another of my favorites, and saw this in the movie connections:

INRI (2009)
–  pretending to be a God in order to scam money

That set me on the trail.  INRI is the Latin anagram for what translates to, “Jesus Christ, King (Rex) of the Jews.”  “Wow,” I thought, “this is a version of the gospel of which I am unawares (be prepared).

The short film imagines the resurrection as if it took place in the Old West, specifically in a Sergio Leone film.  The IMDb reviews are kind of weird, with the most popular simultaneously discussing how revolted she was by the blasphemy, (I’m not sure, but I think it suggests Jesus escaped his captivity by offering the Roman guards oral sex) while at the same time laughing uncontrollably.  I think she must have had mental stability issues, as I neither laughed nor was disgusted.  I did, however, think Judas could not act a whit.

A manic cross between Lenny Bruce and Robin Williams, Bixby doesn’t care where or how far he goes to get a laugh. In this case; probably straight to Hell. I’ll avoid details, suffice to say INRI goes above and beyond the realm of unacceptable humor, pushing the envelope from “oh, no, you didn’t” to “how dare you!”…INRI is a quintessential train-wreck of bad-taste, and I found myself more outraged with each passing moment, every line of dialogue delving further and further into blasphemous muck.

Having said this, I laughed throughout. Despite the fact that INRI is brazenly contemptible by any moral standard, despite the fact that I was shocked, offended, and downright insulted, I could not stop laughing from start to finish. I’m still seething because INRI is so mercilessly offensive to my beliefs. When I began typing, I clicked on one, the lowest rating possible. I wanted to give it a minus ten. And yet, I’m still laughing. And I can’t wait to watch it again. And I can’t wait for my husband to see it. So in the spirit of fairness, I have to judge INRI objectively. And objectively, it’s laugh-out-loud comic genius.

I think that’s what you objectively call a planted review.  Part of that is probably on the DVD case.  And, I’m sorry to speak truth to power, but neither Lenny Bruce nor Robin Williams are funny.  Looking closer, all the reviews are more or less like that one.  “Oh, this is soooo bad, I can’t stop laughing!”

Now I can’t begrudge this Bixby dude his dream of breaking into movies, but, c’mon.  Anyhoo, I have another arrow in the quiver, that I’ll post shortly.

So, without further ado: