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Young Jesus Chronicles

Having found The Onion video I posted earlier on my own, without any assistance from any aggregators, I decided to start a new ritual: using targeted googling to find the latest in Jesus/Vampire/Comic/Zombie world. I once had a dream about a team of superheroes called NinjaHoboZombie and one other one I can’t remember, and I might add those to the searches, also.

This morning, I found this.  It’s not bad, just quite gentle.  And the four gospels would hardly be accused of plagiarism.


With all the hand wringing over the vampire/Jesus connection and the impending vampirecaust at the hands of a weary Lazarus, I’d forgotten how much fun the end of the world could be.  All that is about to change.  I found this video about competing views of the end of the world at a trusted news source.

Christian Groups: Biblical Armageddon Must Be Taught Alongside Global Warming


I mentioned at the end of my Fan Fic Post, which was 1/3, BTW, that I had more to say about Netherland.  A book I really enjoyed and which made me a true believer in international cricket becoming a huge thing.  The book, which was also read by President Obama, tells parallel tales, as noted in the NY Times review to which I linked above, of a man dealing with the disintegration of his family after 9/11, and the underground (not literally) world of Cricket in NYC.  Having experienced a disintegration of family (not at all as depressing as it sounds), I was much more interested in the charisma and planning of the Gatsby-esque Chuck Ramkissoon.  Chuck’s big dream is to build a giant cricket arena in NYC. The fact that the NY Times review (and many others, as well) referenced Gatsby only added to Chuck’s charisma.  It’s not fan fiction, but Chuck is an archetype, his love isn’t Daisy, but cricket.  Reading the novel even inspired a short lived interest in cricket.  I don’t really have much incisive to say about this, just that archetypes are cool, the language of the intelligentsia.

On a side note, much of what Chuck proposed was also proposed by now disgraced ponzi schemer Allen Stanford, who started the Stanford 20/20 in his home in Antigua. Chuck was Trinidadian.

Allen Stanford and unidentified Cricketeer

Oh, and there’s a character at the Chelsea Hotel who wears angel wings all the time.  I think he jumps off the rook of the Chelsea Hotel onto a Church, IIRC. The research continues.

Lost Island

At the park today, where it rained cats and mice.  I led a journey through the driving rain in a vain attempt to eventually get to the Jungle Cruise.  I felt like Moses.  Alas, we got stuck in the tunnel linking Frontier Land with Adventure Land.  I made the announcement that, if the gift shop that sits adjacent to the tunnel had dashikis, I would interpret that as a sign that I was supposed to buy that dashiki.  Unfortunately, they had no dashikis.  They did have necklaces, but none with enough charisma to even merit the $7-$8 price tag.  When the rain let up a bit and we made it to the cruise, it was closed due to persistent thunder and lightning.
Nonetheless, we had quite a good first day so far, and are planning to go back for extra magic hours this evening.  JT also revealed that Jungle Cruise is his favorite ride.

But what I really want to talk about is from the imagineer in me.  As some of you may recall, there’s been quite bit of speculation that Disney would open a Lost attraction at one of its parks.  Much of it appears to have been an April Fool’s Joke, though I don’t really see anything to joke about there.   There has been a lot of talk about Tom Sawyer’s Island to house Lost Island.  I think this is ridiculous.  Staying at Ft Wilderness allowed me the opportunity to see my precious, the real home of what I would call “The Lost Experience: Dharma Initiative.”  That, my friends, would be Discovery Island (to be fair, much speculation has centered around Discovery Island, including the first link above.)

I believe, however, that my concept brings a new element to this speculation.  I would conceive of your Lost experience as being immersive, having you arrive on the island in a submarine to work for the Dharma initiative, you would be given a jumpsuit that would be yours to keep and would be charged with performing tasks at the Hatch, at the remnants of the statue of Tawaret, perhaps the domicile of the crazy Russian guy, and maybe another place, Orchid Station, perhaps?  You would follow a loose storyline, but things would not be fully scripted.  You would get around in a VW microbus, which I think is the genius part.

I don’t know, just thinking.  I didn’t get any good pictures because we were too far away and in a boat, on the wrong side and Dr. Detroit kept trying to get me to look at the remnants of River Country, which, I must admit, I found tempting, especially having seen this.

Angels in mexico

In godless DisneyWorld, I found a little slice of heaven in the Oaxatl art exhibit in the Mexico pavilion in country world. While im not an inveterate collector or lover of angels, a lot of my research has presented angels in a much more earthly light, with personalities and flaws, just like a human. Think Dogma rather than that Alabama song. I think this is very important in keeping angels from becoming graven images. Anyone who has a collection of ceramic angels, that’s a sin that made it into the top ten, I’m afraid. I took a picture of the angels, which I’m including below. If you are unafraid of committing a sin, take a look.

Rustic atmosphere

Tonight we’re staying at the Ft Wilderness campground in the modified fleetwood trailers they’ve been modified to give everything a wildernessy look with wood and cast iron and such. The effect is so thorough, even the technology feels rustic. We’ve got a DVD/VCR combo. I can’t even remember the last time I watched a video tape. I think it might have been Mr. Boogedy. Several years ago.


JT has some captain in him. No sign of vampires. Or Christ. My mom went swimming with her iphone. Looks like a bowl of rice for that.

Fan fic

I consciously try not to fill this blog with ideas from boingboing, but, seeing as how it’s the best site, evar, and it often tips me off to research topics, I feel it’s ok every once in a while. Today, Cory links to , which is a defense of fan fiction, and it doesnt even mention vampires or Frankenstein. According to this piece, I pretty much ONLY like fan fiction. Well, mostly, anyway. I can tell you what I love, and it’s just another name for what this piece calls fan fiction. Postmodernism and archetypes. If something is new and different, it must be that way for a reason, for me to readily accept it. Often the way to make something new and different is to respond to a different archetype.

Warning: the following goes into serious literary weeds.

I’ll provide just 3 examples of this kind of writing. The first is the Anonymous (really Joe Klein) tome, Primary Colors. I loved this book when I read it for leisure in college in the semester after I read All the Kings Men. PC clearly borrows from the archetypes in AtKM, while at the same time reacting to them. For goodness sake, the governor, based on Bill Clinton, is named Stanton, a mashup of Clinton and Stark, or Willie Stark, based on Huey Long. PC is not and does not aspire to be AtKM. It is in someways a much more cynical book. Stark was a true believer who uses backroom deals to try to do the best he can for his constituency, without caring who he may hurt in the process, and becoming fatally corrupt in the process. Stanton is a politician who is ruthless in pursuit of power. The actual governing doesn’t even really come into play. Klein’s attempt to nestle his tale into the context of that earlier archetype adds depth and resonance and, almost perversely, allows the characters to stand on their own literarily.

My second example is Netherland.

There is a light that never goes out

We are stopping in Forsythe, Ga to get the tires looked at. Pit stop tire and auto opened at 7 and they can get us right in. It’s yet to be seen if there is food within walking distance. Gotta go! Pit stop coming up!
Update #2
Forsythe Georgia will now replace CarterSville (I’d been saying it wrong all these years!) as the place that will live in infamy!

Disney trip drama! As we pulled away this evening and got moving on the highway, we noticed a vibration in one or more of the wheels. (and I can assure you, it wasn’t that German chick who called the cops because her vibrator had switched itself on in her drawer) One or more of the tires is either out of balance or alignment. The car was serviced this week, and the brakes were replaced, so we’re thinking there may have been some 23 skidoo going on when the tires were reattached to the car. My dad has been googling “24hour tire repair u.s. 75,” but has had no luck yet. Our goal is to find a cracker barrell that has a garage close by so we can eat while the tires get rebalanced. Alternately, if we can find a “Pump Boys and Dinettes” chain, we would likely be golden.

The odyssey continues. JT will begin reading Daniel Pinkwater’s “The Iggysey” at first sun and we’re still making good time, nearly out of Kentucky.

That is all.

Disney night trip

I finished the second volume of Air this evening in preparation for our night trip to Disneyworld. (the last night trip to disney world saw a transmission fall out of our Cadillac in Carterville, Georgia and a friendship torn asunder to the plaintive strains of that song “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” until the potent combination of Facebook + time started the healing process.) I figured out why I had misgivings the first time I read it, and I feel like an idiot. I think I thought the big plane crash in the was a plane filled with passengers. I’m pretty sure I thought that, because I almost thought that this time, also. However, I took a closer look and realized that all the passengers had been shuttled off during the lay over at the airport. Duh.

So I took another stab at it and made it through, but I’m sorry to say I was only partially and intermittently enchanted. There are a few things I really like, such as the sort of homage to Salman Rushdie’s Satanic Verses, and Zayn, the mysterious Saudi/Pakistani/Greek who may or may not be a terrorist and whose charisma buoys the narrative. However, the Jules Verne-esque flying machine, vertigo inducing time jumps, appearance of Amelia Earhart and the crazy hyperpraxis (WTF?) drive invented by the Aztecs are just too much. The whole second volume is a mélange of half realized, potentially interesting ideas that never really get off the ground (pardon the pun, I’ll link to the Paul McCartney song as soon as I get on a real computer). Alas, I dropped the first two volumes in the library drop off on the way to the night road trip.