Art projects

Time traveler tiles
Religious themed mola luchadore masks 

Commission a mural for my closet doors

Tron crucifix

Oriental bear skin rug 

Animation cels of tv shows that never existed (The Dharma initiative, other space, satanic verses, etc) 

Comic book covers of same 

Write an alternate score to John Carter

Domesticate raccoons

Replace the backgrounds in Flash Gordon with more realistic backgrounds/use cgi to remove the the rotoscoping lines

Write a cabin boy musical/recruit Steve Bartek to do same

Finish my story about a superman type hero’s life after all the super villains die

Finish my story about Lazarus, the first vampire and Jesus Christ vampire hunter

Finish my story about vampires who drink menstrual blood

Finish my script for a Crosby/Hope style road movie: Road to Jerusalem about America’s fascination with middle eastern culture: Road to Jerusalem

Time lord shower

Scifi where humans are neither protagonist not antagonist. Merely supporting players

Veggietales vs kitchen kaberet

Chips: from beauty and the beast and chip & dale

Gummi thrones possibly with a care bear crossover

Kronk and squirrel girl

Marvel animated universe

Lolita at blue licks

Dictator goes to Disneyland (Pixar movie based on the apocryphal story about Kruschev going to Disneyland)

Marvel theme park model

New year’s resolutions

In no order:

Post to this blog at least five times a week

Lose thirty pounds (I’ve done it 4 times before)

Cause 3 of the art concepts in my bank of concepts (I’ll post these shortly)

Workout/sauna/swim 5 days a week

Steps 2 days a week

Day three 

Day three was not immediately apparent. Then we noticed we both had vegetables on our shirt. Hers says “Nelson and Murdock: Avocadoes at Law,” while mine references the kitchen kaberet. 


Day two

Technically, we went to universal on day two, but Disney day two was agent Carter. (Her shirt says, “I know my worth”)


DisneyWorld pics

Susan and I coordinated our tshirts every day. I think it worked well. See below:

Day one: hydra

Confederate Flag musings

Over the last month, the national discussion around the acceptability of so-called Confederate flag and all its accoutrements has captivated me. Having attended the University of Mississippi during a time of not-quite upheaval that led to some much needed soul searching about the symbols of the school, I am kind of taken aback by how little resistance Southern pols have put up in the face of public outcry in the wake of the massacre in the Emanuel AME Church. They have folded easier than a card table. However, I also am awed by how much activists fail to comprehend how ingrained The mythology of the Confederacy truly is in the South.  I’ll grant that Oxford, MS is pretty much ground zero for this mythologizing, but I think my experiences may add some context to just how Sisyphean the struggle to eliminate vestiges of the Confederacy is. 

I arrived at the University of Mississippi in the fall of 1996, as a grad student in Southern Studies. It didn’t take long to realize that campus was basically an Old South theme park. It wasn’t so much the Confederate monument, the neo classical buildings, or even the hoop skirt and Confedrate grey clad coeds riding around campus on flat bed trailers during Old South Days, though those surely helped establish the theme. More than anything though, there was a sense that everything was colored by the lens of the Old South, all the time. Every part of the Oxford and the University was all about the South, all the time, always. Except the parts that weren’t. 

The year before I got there, the college had hired a new Chancellor, Robert Khayat, who had been a place kicker for the Rebels and had played in the NFL for, somewhat ironically, given his politics, the Washington Redskins. He was also of Arabic descent. Khayat was ambitious and forward thinking and was vocal about wanting to modernize the University. Soon after I got there, I joined several of my classmates, including future food writer John T Edge, in an organization with the goal of commemorating Ole Miss’ role in the Civil Rights movement. At our first meeting, we were told that, the previous spring, Phi Beta Kappa had declined UM’s application with a single sentence, “Deal with your history.”

To be continued…

Tai Lopez 

why isn’t the ad the video that he’s pimping on his website?

Helen Keller said, “Optimism.”

Busy week

we’ve seen three plays in the last 8 days. I will be posting brief reviews and videos of representative performances over the next couple days. Consider yourself warned. 

Found poem

I call this found poem “The Five Mentors, or Optimism: A complete and total lack of self awareness.” Long title, but so worth it. 

Tai Lopez, everyone.

Stephen foster

I went to see the Cincinnati Pops Friday. It was a tribute to Stephen Foster. Thor song below pretty much brought the house down. It feels so contemporary like it could have been a Karen Carpenter or Burt Bacharach song. Have a listen.

Also, Dom Flemons of Carolina Chocolate Drops was there.